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"Chime" A new way to build credit

Help build credit with everyday purchases

Low credit or no credit, start improving your credit score by 30 points on average with regular, on-time payments using Credit Builder.

  • No interest or annual fees

  • No credit check to apply

  • No minimum security deposit required

Enroll in Credit Builder after you join Chime and receive a qualifying direct deposit to your Spending Account.

Housing Grants

Do you need financial help when it comes to housing? See how government grants can help low-income families and others with a variety of home-related issues.

The cost of owning or even renting housing can be too high for a family that’s living on a limited income. To help make the cost of housing more affordable, the government offers housing grants on the federal or state level that provide funding to those who need it most.

What Is a Housing Grant?

A housing grant gives low-income families another option to pay for their homes. It can come in handy if they’ve been rejected by a bank for a loan, have a poor credit history, or cannot come up with the money they need to keep a roof over their head

Online Homebuyer Course

Home ownership Education and Housing Counseling

Fannie Mae believes that high-quality home ownership education provides borrowers with the information and resources they need to navigate the home-buying process and make informed decisions that support sustainable home ownership.​

We at NAVA recommend our buyers to educate themselves first before buying their first home.


At NAVA, we uses our trucks to make it easy for family’s to move..

​ Assist first-time home buyers to move furniture/appliance also assist nonprofits/churches with food bank delivery, Also Events moving/delivery service table/ chairs ,stage equipment moving,, Catering events delivery of food hot warmers refrigerators, Nava is a community support organization

,,Call today 410-807-6441 for your free estimate and allow Nava to service all your your moving needs.

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